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Delivering the vision workshops
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Inspire follow on training

A number of beneficiaries have now benefited from attending the Inspire follow on training. Whilst all beneficiaries receive the same three core days of Self Awareness and Motivation training, there are a number of options for the three follow on days that are available as part of the Sharing in Growth (SiG) programme. Beneficiaries can elect to take the training wider into their organisation, or delve deeper into specific areas.

Recently, Produmax selected a “Building and Delivering the Vision” one day session. The Produmax Vision, Mission and Values had been established during Day 3, and Produmax wanted to explore ‘how does the management team work together to deliver the Vision, Mission and Values?’

The day started with revisiting “What is a Visionary Company”, restating and confirming the management team’s acceptance and understanding of the Vision, Mission and Values defined during Day 3. Each individual made a personal, emotional connection to Produmax’s Vision, Mission and Values, identifying personal benefits to achieving it, for example; less stress, the opportunity to grow, sense of achievement. The morning finished with practical exercises, looking at team work and continuous improvement.

The afternoon’s focus was a facilitated group exercise “Delivering the Vision as a Leadership Team”. The group was split into three: Senior Management, Functional Support and Operations. Each group explored three areas:-

“What is our role in achieving the vision?”

“What can we give to each other?”

“What do we want from each other?”

This day closed with a video of a business that ‘lives’ the principles, has developed a Visionary Culture and continues to work on it. We saw the impact it has on its teams and its customers.

Key Outputs

• Each individual made a personal, emotional connection to the Vision.
• Clarity on their own and others’ roles and responsibilities.
• The group made a number of commitments to each other to support the delivery of the Vision, Mission and Values.

The Beneficiary’s View

Said Produmax’s finance director Mandy Ridyard: “Our Building and Delivering the Vision day was energising and enlightening and it resulted in our leadership group making commitments to each other which will help Produmax deliver its vision of being Engineering Super Heroes.”

For further information about the options for the inspire follow on days, please speak to your Sharing in growth SDM.