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British Standards First for Produmax
21 06 17

Produmax is the first UK company to be independently assessed by BSI (British Standards Institution) and achieve certification to prEN 9100:2016 Quality Management Systems. Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Organizations. Produmax is also the first organization globally to be registered on OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) to prEN 9100.

The revised international standard, which was published in 2016, specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a Quality Management System (QMS) for organizations in aviation, space and defence. It represents the latest best practice for those in the industry to manage and monitor quality across all operations.

EN 9100 builds on the revised Quality Management Systems Standard , ISO 9001 which was updated in 2015 to include a high level structure (HLS) – featuring terms, definitions, headings and text common to all management system standards, allowing easier integration when implementing multiple management systems. Top Management also have greater involvement and responsibility in the revised version and are required to ensure that the management system is fully integrated throughout the organization.

Jeremy Ridyard, Managing Director at Produmax (pictured below, right) commented: “Attaining this standard is vital for our business as it provides our customers with the comfort that we deliver quality products on time, and that we have the necessary processes in place to manage and reduce risks.

“Our involvement with the Sharing in Growth scheme has definitely helped to prepare us for this transition, alongside the hard work and dedication of our whole team – including BSI. We’re very proud to be the first in the UK to be registered on OASIS.”

Andrew Launn, EMEA Systems Certification Operations  & Compliance Director at BSI said:  “Produmax should be delighted that they are the first UK organization to achieve certification from BSI to the new standard which clearly demonstrates their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

“AS/EN 9100 is a great tool for any organization that wishes to enhance quality and customer satisfaction, continually improve operations and demonstrate Organizational Resilience. With supply chains becoming more complex, the importance of achieving, maintaining and improving quality is vital.

“We would encourage other BSI customers to make the transition as early as possible and are ready with a fully resourced team of expertly trained auditors to help make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Some of the other key changes within AS/EN 9100 will allow organizations to:-

• Facilitate continual improvement: Regular assessment will ensure businesses continually use, monitor and improve their processes.

• Increase market opportunities so organizations can demonstrate to clients excellent levels of traceability throughout the supply chain.

• Increase efficiency that will save businesses time, money and resources.

• Ensure compliance with a system supported by regulatory authorities that helps to mitigate risk.

• Motivate, engage and involve staff with more efficient internal processes.

• Help organizations trade as it’s often a requirement of the aerospace industry that companies have implemented a QMS. It also independently demonstrates that they have in operation an effective and audited management system.

For more information, please visit https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/as-9100-9110-9120-aerospace/AS-EN-9100-series-is-changing/